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5 Classic Ice Cream Shops or Drive-Ins in Walworth County

Summer calls for an ice cream stop and Walworth County has some great options starting with Gus’s Drive In in East Troy. Gus’s serves burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, Broaster chicken, and of course, frozen custard. And when you get there…make sure to wave to the Gus’s Drive-In Muffler Man, aka Canada Guy. He’s hard to miss!

For another classic drive-in experience, head to Annie’s Burger Town. When you pull up to this drive-in in Elkhorn, you’ll be greeted by a car hop and you’ll be able to order burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps, and ice cream. Plus, they make their own draft root beer!

Looking for a sweet treat in Delavan? At Lopez’s Anchor In you can walk up, call in, or drive thru to get your food and ice cream. They have burgers, hot dogs, Mexican food (including their Famous Taco Salads), and daily specials. And keep an eye out for their food truck at events around the county over the summer.

Do you remember your favorite walk-up ice cream stand as a kid? Well, ours was and still is Meggy Moo’s Dairy Ripple in Walworth. Meggy Moo’s is an old school shop with some food and any ice cream treat option you can think of…but we suggest the banana splits!

banana split - walco blog

Do you ever have those nights where one person wants a hand dipped ice cream cone and someone else wants soft serve? Head to the Darien Ice Cream Shoppe because they serve both. Keep an eye out for a cute penguin enjoying some ice cream painted on the side of a building to know when you’ve arrived!

darien ice cream shoppe sign - walco blog

What’s your go-to ice cream order when you’re treating yourself on a warm summer day?